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Your Complete Travel Guide for Dubai


One of the seven emirates states in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai, is well known for the flood of tourists it receives every year. Transforming itself from a desert outpost to a place buzzing with sales bargain, family fun, and several holiday destinations, Dubai has come a long way in the past years. This place can give you a secluded stretch of sand and also a sunset stroll, several art galleries, and a sparkling nightlife, a place for the ideal honeymoon, and a lazy vacation along the seaside. You name it, and Dubai has it.

What attracts tourists to Dubai? The ever-increasing tourist attraction of this place says that Dubai has to be seen to be believed. It is not just a business hub of the Middle East, but over the years, it has placed itself as an important global city. Oil revenue has accelerated the growth of this city, and the primary source of Dubai's income is from the trade, tourism, aviation, real estate, and financial services. The most alluring element for Dubai is the shopping sites. It is the "Shopping Capital of the Middle East." Besides this, if you are someone looking for a perfect mix of Islamic architecture blended with the modern form of infrastructure then, Dubai is a must visit for you. The artificial islands are something which makes Dubai stand out on the global platform. Would you be surprised if we tell that Dubai consists of 43.3% of Indian nationality people? Yes, it does. And 23% of the people belong to Emirati nationality. Isn't it intriguing to know how Indians find a place in every corner of the globe?

Languages Spoken: Arabic, English, Malayalam, Hindi-Urdu, Gujarati, Persian, Sindhi, etc

Currency: Dirham

Best Time to Visit

Dubai has a sweltering desert climate, and summers are scorching hot, windy, and humid. If you are hunting for a perfect combination of ideal weather conditions and a low crowd then, the time between mid-November to early December and the first half of March will give you the best sightseeing experience. You will be able to enjoy outdoor picnics, lounging on the beach, a desert safari or merely an evening stroll through the city.

Transportation Facility
Dubai is well connected with the bus, metro, taxi, and water bus facilities. The bus routes connect all major landmarks and tourist spots of Dubai. They are the most comfortable means of transport in Dubai. Other than this, taxis are another way of getting around Dubai. Water buses are used to travel from Bur Dubai to Deira since they are an economical and most preferred means of going through the city.

What are the sightseeing options?
If you are in Dubai, then sightseeing ought to be in the bucket list. It is a city of tall skyscrapers and exquisite architecture. You can get a 'Dubai City Pass' to get free entry to Dubai's most famous sights, museums, desert safaris, and a lot more. Some of the famous sightseeing options are:

Burj Khalifa: Why would you miss this? The view from the 124th floor will give a heavenly feeling when you will see the entire geography of Dubai. The view of the desert and the ocean division will be the best memoir you will take back from Dubai.

Al Safa Park: It is one of the oldest parks of Dubai which attracts sports enthusiasts who enjoy playing tennis, volleyball, and soccer.