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Your Complete Travel Guide for Prague


Bearing a rich history along with a political, cultural, and economic prominence, Prague is one of the most popular tourist destinations. Prague suffered a considerably less amount of damage during the Second World War as compared to other cities. Thanks to the history which saw the 'Fall of the Iron Curtain.' This opened gates for people around the world to witness some of the most pristine collection of architecture. Prague grabbed the sixth position in the 'Tripadvisor' list of Best Destinations in 2016.

What attracts tourists to Prague?

Prague ranks fifth among the most visited cities after London, Paris, Istanbul, and Rome. The primary center of attraction is the rich history of this city. If you want to witness the journey of Prague from its foundation to the period of flourishment, then head over to this city. The Gothic, Renaissance and the Baroque eras lifted Prague to the zenith of prosperity. Prague is home of several museums, theatres, galleries, cinemas, and historical exhibits. If you want to immerse into the ocean of history, art, and architecture, then Prague will provide you with a perfect experience.This city consits of approximately 64.8% of Czech people and some additional people who come there for work. Other population of people consists of nationalities from Ukraine, Slovakia, Russia, Vietnam, and the USA.

Languages Spoken: Czech, English, German, Russian

Currency: Czech Crowns

Best Time To Visit
Prague experiences a humid continental climate with relatively cold winters and snowfall, and cool summers with an average temperature of 24 degrees. The months of March to May have a mild, and this is the time when hotel prices are also low. From June to August, you might have to fight to book a hotel as this is the summer time and thousands flock to Prague to get the best sightseeing experience.

Transportation Facility
Prague provides a clean and efficient transport system for tourists who want to go around the city. You can always buy a ticket at any metro or tram station, or directly from the bus driver and get it stamped. Do not miss Prague's metro. It is listed in the "most beautiful metros" of the world. Besides this, also try to hop into one of the trams which will take you around the city with such ease that you might get lost in the beauty of the town.

What are the sightseeing options?
You will have to ask yourself a question if you are in Prague. What are you interested to see? Architecture, gardens, the culture, or scenic beauty? Prague can fulfill all your desires. Some of the sightseeing options in Prague are:

Prague Castle: It is one of the largest castle complexes of the world. The symbol of the Czech state for more than a thousand years and founded in the 9th century, it became a seat of the then royal families. The view of this castle is spectacular, and nobody would miss it for a dream.


Charles Bridge: This bridge is built up of sandstone blocks. Charles IV completed the bridge in 1402 the site of the Judith bridge. Two towers namely, Lesser Town Bridge Towers and Old Town Bridge Towers fortify this bridge. You can stroll on the deck for a romantic walk with your partner.

The Dancing House: This is a site which takes pride in calling itself the pillar of modern Prague architecture. This building is inspired by the dance art of a famous film couple. You can admire the whole of Prague from its terrace which provides a panoramic view. It also has a gallery, a restaurant, and a bar.

National Theatre: You will be enthralled by the exterior and interior decoration of this place. If you want an experience of a ballet or opera performance at night, then this is the place. Built in the 19th century, the National Theatre is the typical scene of the nation.


Kampa: The second most beautiful city island in the world, Kampa is one of the most romantic and picturesque places in Prague. You can go out for a picnic on the grassy area of the island or be ideal and enjoy the beauty of the site.