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Your Complete Travel Guide for Melbourne


The city of Melbourne is known to be one of the most livable cities in the world by The Economic Intelligence Unit. It is the capital of the Australian state of Victoria. There are a set of factors which make this city a must visit for every travel lover. The town welcomes tourists with a mix of style, sport, culture, fine dining, thus making visitors fall in love with the city.

What attracts tourists to Melbourne?
Founded on 30th August 1835, the city of Melbourne is well known for the hidden charms. The town is packed with sporting events all through the calendar. Besides this, it has a homegrown fashion, multiple art galleries, secret laneways, and rooftops.
If you want to witness a living example of a city which not only homes cultural institutions but also has a vibrant nightlife then, Melbourne is your place of the year.
You will also find the second largest Greek-speaking population in Melbourne. Here, 63.3% of the residents born are Australian, followed by the United Kingdom (3.4%) and India (2.7%). Besides this, did you know what the data on religious beliefs was according to the 2016 Census? Well, around 31.9% of the population responded with "no religion" as their belief, followed by Catholic (23.4%). Doesn't it stand as an example of humanitarian victory over the compartmentalization of humans into religious boxes?

Languages Spoken: English, Chinese, Greek, Italian, Vietnamese
Currency: Australian Dollars (AUD)

Best Time to Visit
Melbourne is best known for the changeable weather conditions. It is primarily because of its location right on the boundary of hot inland areas and cool southern oceans. Otherwise, it has a temperate oceanic climate where you will experience warm to hot summers and cold winters. The best months to visit Melbourne are from December to March. It is the summer season in Melbourne and the best time to enjoy many attractions. Also, September to November and March to May brings the spring season. These months are also an excellent time to explore this destination. The other months are the coldest months when airfares and hotel prices fall.

Transportation Facility
The unique feature of this city is its grid layout. It helps in better navigation with most places within walking distance. The available transport options are trains, bus, tram, bike, or hiring a car. Tourists can get a 'myki' card which allows traveling on the city's trains, trams, and buses. Buses run to all major tourist hubs like shopping centers, leisure, and sports venues. Taxis are available readily which are usually painted in yellow, silver, or white.

What are the sightseeing options?
Melbourne is known for the perfect blend of modern architecture with the nineteenth and early twentieth century buildings. Some of the best sightseeing options in Melbourne are:

Royal Exhibition Building: It is a World-Heritage Site building. This is the most significant design completed by Reed and Barnes architecture. This building is the representation of pride and money Victoria had in the 1870s. Currently, it is used as a commercial exhibition venue.